Bacera ProTrader

" Trading smarter, not harder "

Digitized Trading Technology

In order to participate in today's fast-paced CFD market, clients need a program that allows them to analyse quotes, make trades, and develop strategies in real-time without having to wait on dealer intervention. They need the ability to manage their accounts with a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows access to charts and reports with relative ease. And they need the reliability of a stable system with a consistent price feed, with the ability to access their account through their mobile devices. All of the above can be handled by ProTrader.

All Bacera clients can now trade on financial markets using the ProTrader – our exclusive trading platform developed by industry leaders in online market trading systems and information-analysis technology. ProTrader has a convenient, intuitively understandable interface that allows clients to view their trades and account balances and use graphical methods of technical analysis to test their trading strategies. This can all be handled by ProTrader.

Standard Features

Unlimited Charts
Trade directly from the charts and view open positions directly within Charts
Advanced Charting
50+ in-built indicators for technical analysis such as Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average
Various charting timeframes (from minutes up to months)
Line Studies
Andrews Pitchfork, Fibonacci Retracement and Trendlines
FX Custom Indicators and Scripts
Multi Languages
Choose from 28 different languages
Real-Time Data
Forex, Oil, Gold and Silver, and Share CFDs
Signals of system and trading actions
News feeds online from financial markets
Internal e-mail system
Printing charts and completed trading transactions statements
Up to 400 : 1 Leverage
Full Hedge Capability
Open positions on the same currency in opposite directions
24 Hour Dealing Department Support

Become a ProTrader

The Bacera ProTrader platform has achieved tremendous popularity with brokers and traders and it is increasingly becoming the standard for trading platforms for CFD products. Experience the technology that is utilised by over 300 brokerage companies and banks worldwide for their core trading services and operations, serving millions of traders and investors globally. With ProTrader you overcome your technological barriers and focus more on the growth and efficiency of your trading activity.

Designed for Every Trader

The Bacera ProTrader is simple to use yet very sophisticated; it is intuitively designed to suit all your trading needs regardless of your technological expertise and trading skill levels. Your account balance, usable margin, and value of open positions are displayed in the trading software ProTrader in real-time.

Run Your Account Efficiently

The Bacera ProTrader platform enhances the efficiency of your CFD trading. With a clean, user-friendly interface, you can monitor all trade activities , track all the price movements with charting, and execute trades in real-time and manage your risks effectively. All trading activities are accessible in neatly organised and dedicated information windows on the platform.

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